NewColor offers you to improve your mastery of color, from the creation and definition of color-object to the commercialization and integration of color-cognitive.

In his visual perception, a color is almost never seen as it really is, as it is physically.

Josef Albers

Our objective: Understand color for what it really is, on the different dimensions it can take (object, perception, digital and cognition) and on the implementation of its mastery through controlled communication (visual, verbal communication or instrumental).

An object does not have a defined, unchanging color that is specific to it. Depending on the conditions in which they are placed, the objects can have a variable chromatic appearance which results from a global judgment involving very numerous comparisons and various elements of appreciation.

Indeed, the object is unique, but each object can have an infinite number of appearances which depends on the environment, the light and who observes it.

Evaluating a product under representative and significant conditions leads to mastering the implementation of the sample as much as the way of evaluating it, defining the descriptors, describing the chromatic and geometric attributes, agreement on these different dimensions of evaluation.

NewColor offers to support you in this objective of mastering color and its communication.

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