NCS S 1080 - Y10R

Couleur NCS

NCS S 1080 - B10G
NCS S 5030 - B10G
NCS S 5030 - B90G
NCS S 7020 - B90G
NCS S 7020 - Y80R
NCS S 2070 - Y80R
NCS S 2070 - G50Y
NCS S 2030 - G50Y
NCS S 5030 - G50Y
NCS S 5030 - R20B
NCS S 2030 - R20B
NCS S 2070 - R20B
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Couleur NCS - Your official NCS shop in France

The Natural Colour System – NCS- is the universal language of colour.

A unique website to discover the concept, trends and harmonies, NCS training and events but also to order your NCS products.

couleur ncs


Browse the ncs color store and order all the NCS products necessary for color control. Access all of their technical characteristics.

NCS System

Discover the scientifically basedNCS colour system based on how we perceive colour visually

Use the NCS as a global standard for definition, quality assurance and communication of colour.

Control all dimensions of colour, from its creation to its production, thanks to the principles of notation and management of harmonies, and to the high quality of the color reliability of the NCS system.

Système NCS

NCS Events

Integrate a different vision of color through a series of events, free or with simple participation, on various themes with speakers who are experts in their field.



Develop your expertise and go further in your approach to understand and control color.

Find the specific training programs of our 3 partners: NewColor, Nacarat design, NewBrain Consulting.



Understand the range of our consulting missions. Contact us to define your needs and tackle your issues together.

Trends and Inspiration

Receive information on new products, events and color trends semi-annually.

Social networks

Find all our publications on the various social networks!