ncs color cards

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NCS color cards are an indispensable tool at different stages of your projects. They allow very simple handling while offering good visibility and can be used both for model work and on site to show a color in its environment on a sufficient surface.


Characteristics of NCS Color Cards

The NCS color cards allow you to find the standard NCS colors printed on a robust 200 g/m² paper. The back of the card will recall its reference. In order to meet all your needs, NCS color cards are available in 3 formats and can be ordered per 5 for A9 format, and individually in A6 and A4.

Unlike conventional color charts, the samples in the form of color cards allow simple handling and facilitate the simulation.

The NCS samples all have a semi-matt treatment with an NCS 1 quality level (maximum deviation up to 0.8 ΔE*) and a gloss of 17.5 GU (gloss unit) at an angle of 60°. Finally, note that you have the option of ordering any of the 2050 NCS standard colours.

NCS color cards formats

There are 3 formats for your NCS color cards:

  • format A9 : 52 x 37 mm
  • format A6 : 148 x 105 mm
  • format A4 : 297 x 210 mm

The A9 format is ideal for designing a mood board, or for use on plans in addition to other NCS products. This format imposes an order of 5 samples that you will receive in a booklet.

The A6 format is widely used for quality control as a visual reference or if you need a larger surface for your illustrations.

Finally, the A4 format is perfect for viewing a color objectively. Indeed, the larger the colored area, the closer the perceived color will be to the final result because it is less polluted by the surrounding colors. Thus, positioning this sample on a white wall will give you a good idea of ​​the rendering, and it will be easier to appreciate the impact of the light by turning around than when you use a smaller format.

Using NCS Color Cards

NCS Color Cards can have many different uses. The first of these is to help you design qualitative and faithful tools and files that you will use during the presentation of your projects. You will be able to juxtapose different shade proposals or offer a palette of colors with great fidelity, or even decorate a plan with reminders of the dominant colors.

Similarly, in the context of the realization of models (or any other presentation material), you will be able to rely on the NCS color cards in order to dress it with the exact colors that will be used. The high quality of the support on which the colors are printed gives you great freedom of use, guaranteeing very good hold and clean cutouts.

Another popular use is to be able to leave a color sample available to site workers so that they can carry out regular checks, or to send a color for validation to a customer during a remote project. .

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

2050 colours

Samples per package

A9 – 5 pcs
A6 – 1 pc
A4 – 1 pc

Sample size

A9 – 52 x 37 mm
A6 – 148 x 105 mm
A4 – 297 x 210 mm


NCS Quality Level 1
80% < 0,6∆E00
100% <1,0∆E00 in D65daylight

Target gloss

17,5 GU in 60° angle

Gloss tolerances

95% of colours within 13-22 GU 60° angle

Quality control

NCS Edition 2 Quality Management incompliance with our ISO 9001 certificate


200 grams

Back print

NCS notation and NCS logotype


A9 – 3 grams
A6 – 3,5 grams
A4 – 14 grams