NCS Atlas

495,00 HT

A binder with non-removable colour samples allows you to navigate quickly between different colour areas. It gives a good overview of how the colours are related to each other according to the logic of the NCS system and the relationship between colour and light.



The NCS Atlas guides you through the color space. The perfect tool for discussing color pairing possibilities with clients. This professional tool is composed of the 40 shades of the chromatic circle of the NCS system. Presented in the NCS color triangle, each shade presents all the colored shades according to the logic of the NCS system (based on the real perception of colors).

The NCS Atlas is the perfect tool for point-of-sales, colourtraining, customer guidance or as an office tool for colourprofessional. With the 40 colour triangles in NCS Atlas, which has one page for every hue, you navigate quickly between the different colour areas. The NCS Atlas is unique in that it gives lightness values and light reflectance values. The atlas comes with a colour mask and different similarity masks that help you to create colour combinations based on blackness, whiteness and chromaticness.

  • The complete range of NCS 2050 Standard colours.
  • Samples organized based on the position of each colour inthe NCS colour space
  • 40 pages of samples, one per hue
  • Each page contains up to 50 colours with nuances of the selected hue
  • Additional pages with neutral and near natural colours



Binder with 2050 non-removable colour samples Similarity masks (6) to create colour combinations. Specified lightness and light reflectance values. Sample size: 15×14 mm. Language: French on e-shop (live order on the e-shop). Other languages: Swedish, English, German, Italian & Russian (on request via the contact form).

Additional information

Weight 1,85 kg
Dimensions 310 × 325 × 40 mm

2050 colours


2050 chips, mounted

Sample size

15 x 15 mm and 15 x 13 mm


NCS Quality Level 1
80% < 0,6∆E00
100% <1,0∆E00 in D65daylight

Target gloss

17,5 GU in 60° angle

Gloss tolerances

95% of colours within 13-22 GU 60° angle

Quality control

NCS Edition 2 Quality Management incompliance with our ISO 9001 certificate


200 grams

Text pages

Swedish Standard, Table of content


English,German, French, Italian, Spanish,Russian and Swedish
NCS Atlas ordered in french on the e-shop.
For the other languages, possible on request via the contact form.


Black Regina covered folders

Product size

40 mm x 325 mm x 310 mm (H x W x L)

Product weight

1,85 kg