NCS Album 1950

1 980,00 HT

This NCS 1950 Album is the powerful tool for the choice, visualization, design, comparison and communication of colors. It consists of detachable color samples grouping together all of the 1950 NCS standard colors.



Using NCS Album as a tool, you can define and colour match different surfaces and materials such as textiles and plastic. You can also compare colours under different kinds of lighting conditions. The colour samples in the NCS Album are arranged in a logical order based on their position in the NCS Colour Space (according hue, chromaticnes, blackness and lightness). In this NCS Album, standard colours are represented by unmounted single colour A9 chips, allowing the user to work with the NCS Album for making colour combinations or visually inspecteach individual colour. Refill samples are available on request (via contact form). The album can be used to advantage for colour matching, mood boards and communication of chosen colours.

  • The complete range of NCS 1950 Standard colours.
  • Samples organized based on the position of each colour inthe NCS colour space
  • 40 pages of samples, one per hue
  • Each page contains up to 50 colours with nuances of the selected hue
  • Additional pages with neutral and near natural colours



Album (2 volumes), consisting of two separate binders, Y-R90B and B-G90Y. 1,950 detachable colour samples 3 samples per colour. Sample sizes: A9 (52×37 mm). Language: english.

Additional information

Weight 9.6 kg
Dimensions 430 × 320 × 80 mm

1950 colours


3 pcs of A9 chips for each colour, 5850 samples in total


NCS Quality Level 1
80% < 0,6∆E00
100% <1,0∆E00 in D65daylight

Gloss index

17,5 GU in 60° angle

Gloss tolerances

95% of colours within 13-22 GU 60° angle

Quality control

NCS Edition 2 Quality Management incompliance with our ISO 9001 certificate


200 grams




Black Regina covered folders

Product size

80 mm x 320mm x430 mm (H x W x L)

Product weight